Shlomit, 35, of Encino, California is mother to son Harel, 8, and daughters Leah, 5 and Natalie, 3. She works as a project manager in medical education. Shlomit is also an online adjunct faculty instructor for a Psychology and Motivation course in an undergraduate program. One of her favorite things to do is to connect with her family through quality time. She also really enjoys baking, traveling and reading.

We decided on a photo shoot based on quality time and were able to capture some endearing moments. It was the perfect day in the park and just the right temperature for popsicles and some shade. 

(Video interview following photo gallery.)


We had the opportunity to spend several afternoons together with my camera, so it was the perfect opportunity for a change of scenery and more joyous moments enjoying a day in the life of these incredible girls!

Leah always lights up and inspires smiles in others...  


...including her mom!


Meanwhile, back at the park, Shlomit takes a pause with Natalie.


Natalie looks up to her big brother, Harel.


Harel joined his mom and sisters for a quick pic !


Thank you for sharing your family moments, Shlomit!